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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blogginess - sorry this ones gonna be later than the rest

LEAVEs review en short :" its coming later but I reccomend you just go play it"

Kay, since my schedule for AT games is "get it out before the next game comes out" I'm not late >:D Until extended phase but I'll have it before then.

But yeah my piracy project is morphing in ways I don't understand so I am dead tired of multimedia right now. Somehow my innocently lazy idea to use Leopard's text2speech system to voice narration became a full out musical with all our favorite OS X voices. I'll be sure to post it when I'm done in my other blog. Even though I don't have to record any real sound, making those stupid voices sing evenly is harder than one thinks.

But May Sky is done at least and will be up any moment now on Oh and I have to study for a huge test this weekend XP

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