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Friday, May 25, 2007


First of all.... this game will offend you. If it doesn't please go get help.

Secondly.....where to start....? This game is impossible to describe so my review format is out the window because it would be comparing apples to oranges. This is no Red Shift, but despite the lack of plot its not another VFTOS either. This game is hilarious in a way I can only describe as sophisticated delinquent. The music is good, the art is solid and can be cute or ugly but, my god, WHAT did they smoke while writing this....?

The plot was lost somewhere between the fights, the copulating bears, the U.S. Navy base, and the high-school love confession. It flows but its utter nonsense.

If you like South Park or Excel Saga this may very well be the game for you, I enjoyed it very much but it incited blood-lust in my classmates.

Overall rating - Good


Friday, May 18, 2007

Japanese Enviroment -Info-

Okay okay, I've mentioned once or twice that you need a "Japanese enviroment" for many of these games, so what is that?

Well, first of all this only applies to users of Window$ 2000, XP, and Vista. Everyone else is out of luck.

I'm gonna start with the most convenient option first - AppLocale. AppLocale does what it sounds like it does.... localizes applications. AppLocale is for Windows XP and up and can be downloaded free here in exchange for you mortal soul (or rather... a windows validation). The problem with AppLocale is that it doesn't work on all games (Clannad for example) for this it is considered inferior to true Japanese non-unicode settings.

For instructions on how to install AppLocale, click here (they are specific to KNGE but work for any program).

Your other option is to change your non-unicode settings to Japanese, the problem with this is it changes some normal programs to Japanese as well such as - part of Microsoft Paint, Apple Software Updater, and the part of the installer for the Windows Validator plugin. Most of theses programs only change partially in to Japanese so they can be navigated fairly easily (all the menus in MS Paint stay in English). If you play a lot of Japanese games this may be the best choice for you.

For instructions visit will give you basic instructions; don't forget to install East Asian support files (you might need your Windows CD).

If something doesn't work try this - (I only have found one that needed this ever. An untranslated trial for a minor game.)
  1. Open the [Regional and Language Options].
  2. Click on the [Regional Options] tab.
  3. Select [Japanese] from the pull-down menu at the [Standards and Formats] section.