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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Explicit Proposal (Updated Version)

This review was produced for and can be viewed here.Review copies of both editions were provided by Kuroi Games.
  • Title - Explicit Proposal
  • Author - Kuroi Games
  • Style - Linear Visual Novel (non-interactive)
  • Rating - Not for sale to minors, 18+
  • Trial - Yes
  • Engine - Ren'Py (DRM status uncertain)
  • Price - 10 USD (1995 yen for censored Windows version)
  • Website - (18+)
  • Get - (18+)

This is Kuroi Games first release, they are an independent American visual novel company. This is a sex-focused download-able visual novel.

Graphics -
This game uses only 3D models. Every image is an event CG, though only sex scenes are animated. Not everyone will like this style as it tiptoes into the uncanny valley but I enjoyed it more than the typical 3D models I see. One advantage given by models is that characters stayed physically consistent between scenes. The addition of animation really sparked up the "important parts". 8/10

Music/SFX - Unlike the initial release, this re-release has a soundtrack. While it is nothing complex, it accurately reflects the mood of the scenes and is unobtrusive. Several pieces are used and I did not tire of any. There are still no sound effects (which is slightly awkward if you have been playing squishy Japanese games) but not too detrimental as the music fills the silence. 7/10

Voice Acting - The voices start in Japanese that is clearly that of a non-native speaker. Luckily, Rei leaves Japan quickly (the game takes place in Fiji) and the rest is in fluent English. The voice acting is fine but nothing amazing. The new soundtrack masks most recording deficiencies. 8/10

Story - This is a simple, standard porn story. While uncreative, that is not a bad thing. The reason these stories abound is because they are fun. I enjoyed reading about Rei's plans and didn't just forward to the sex scenes. EP has some witty dialogue and decent sex talk unlike certain yaoi games and writing quality is higher than what I've seen in professional games such as "Come See Me Tonight". The re-release is priced approximately the same as a book of manga and packs quite a bit of entertainment in to that price. 9/10

System/Extras - This game uses Ren'Py and is available for Windows and Macintosh. There are no extras but the game available both censored and not. . Since, the game is so short, a CG gallery would have been somewhat superfluous. 4/5

Overall - Explicit Proposal is a splurge game for when you want a short but decent sex fix without 50 choice menus between the girl and you. The price is very economical as it is about the price of a manga volume (or cheaper in some cases) and you receive much more content.

Score - 36/45 - 80% - Good


Note: This review has been updated to reflect a new version released by Kuroi and exclusively for purchase from their website. The version on DLsite is different.

I always giggle at the squishy sounds Japanese games use (If you squish scrambled eggs between your fingers while choking it will sound like a professional eroge) but maybe they add something? Post your comments here.

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