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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Little Busters! : Impressions of Komari's Route

First of all this is not a review. I have not finished Little Busters! yet so I am NOT reviewing the game anytime in the near future. I am simply posting my opinion on the first route I have completed.

Little Busters! Opening Movie

Info: Title: Little Busters Studio: Key Price: 8,800 yen (before tax) Website

Despite all the high expectations and "disappointments" and associated drama the community loves oh so much... I like this game and don't regret a cent of the over-inflated price I had to pay Himeya for it. This impressions post is based on Kamikita Komari's route.

First of all the art. The art is so varied and clean and simply adorably moe. There are a lot of CG's also varying from panty shots to simple events to emotional climaxes. The standing character CGs are also numerous and include some side and back views. The first press limited edition which I have, came with a nice book with a lot of the art inside it.

Secondly the music is also superb. The opening song is no Tori no Uta but its still good and the BGM is more enjoyable than some opening songs in other games. The first press limited edition which I have, came with a nice arranged album of some of the music.

Thirdly the minigames are fun but not crippling. You can turn them off if you wish but if you don't the results ultimately do not affect the outcome of the game (which is good because I can't hit a ball if my life depended on it) The sprites for the batting practice are very adorable also ;3

Lastly, the story. First let me say this. My "Japanese skills" are pitiful, pathetic, slow, unreliable, etc. So if I'm off on a point don't kill me. I used Rikai-chan to help read and its slowwww but educational XD. The trunk of the game is fun and enjoyable and all the characters are vibrant and have their chance to shine. The two subcharacters of the trunk, Futaki Kanata (I have only seen her in the trunk events of Kudo's route) and Sasasegawa Sasami and both well developed and well voiced.

This section will have minor spoilers for Komari's path so you have been warned.
Komari's path has no magic, no curses, reincarnations, coma projections, nothing of that sort. It is about facing the truth and accepting reality. It is about the harm of living in a dream. To me, these points were very powerful though the pacing was not the best it certainly was not bad by any means. The end also switched to Komari's POV which was awkward for me but not crippiling. I love her ending song also >.> End minor spoilers

So far, Little Busters! is better than Piece of Wonder by a great bit and from what I hear I am not even to the good part yet. If you can read Japanese I suggest you pick it up.


mutio said...

Nice! Looking forward to the full review :)
I have the game here myself (limited edition yay) but I won't have the chance to play for a long time.

Kikaru said...

Well, I now have even more reason to get it.

Kikaru said...

Oh, another question: Is there anywere cheaper that Himeya shop that will deliver outside of Japan?

Kikaru, yet again said...

For this game at least.

Jyuichi said...

PaletWeb is a good bit cheaper *nod* but I have not used them. Himeya has a high level of quality English support and has pre-order bonuses while PaletWeb does not. PaletWeb doesn't have Little Busters! (regular edition) listed right now oddly but they would probably be more than happy to order it for you.

Kikaru, the long-winded said...

How do you request something they don't already have? I saw how to request something that is just out of stock, but not for unlisted items.