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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sore Ja Matta Ne

  • Title - それじゃあ、またね。(Until We Meet Again)
  • Author - LUNA BLESS
  • Engine - Kirikiri 2 (requires Japanese environment)
  • Style - Linear Visual Novel (non-interactive)
  • Price - Free
  • Get - Web Download -
Sore Ja Matta Ne does not have the look or feel of a typical visual novel. It is a very short sweet story with supernatural elements. There are no voices or choices and the sounds are very sparse to match with the simple grayscale art.

Graphics - I like them but they are very simple. There are no sprites and backgrounds but rather every scene is a drawing with the characters making the story feel a lot like a movie. The some shots felt a bit plain tho and the CG train clashed with the character style slightly in some minor shots. 8/10

Music/SFX - There aren't many tracks or SFX but they are used well. Most often you hear the sound of the train running but the music that is used is very good. No voices. 10/10

Story - The story is creative and heartwarming. It flows well with out any inconsistencies I can remember. 10/10

System/Extras - This game is a KiriKiri release so you need a Japanese environment. (If you don't know what that is post a comment or click info in the sidebar as I hope to add a entry explaining it soon.) Sore Ja Matta Ne has no menu screen and no extras, it just throws you in to the game. The save/load functions and options menu are in the title bar and right clicking hides the text box. This game has auto and skip modes. 3/5

Overall - Play it for what it is, a good story.

Score - 31/35 - 88% - Good

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