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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Red Shift

  • Title - 常世の星空 (Red Shift)
  • Author - Team EXTRA
  • Style - Short Linear Novel (non-interactive)
  • Engine - ONScripter
  • Price - Free
  • Get - Web Download

I played through this novel in a few days, a scene or two a day. Each scene was 20-30 minutes long. I didn't know much about it before I downloaded it but that wasn't a problem. This was a very easy novel to get hooked on. This could be called a science-fiction/fantasy game but it is a very human story. You play as a high-school boy, Kouya, who meets a rude and unusual albino girl in the park and is forced to keep her company. I can't say anymore without spoiling the plot. ;)

Graphics - The graphics for this game are very nice. They are not as detailed as the ones in VFTOS but they are clean, expressive and well colored. The event graphics are relevant to the story and helped it along with out standing out too much from the regular CG. Each scene also had a sketched intro graphic which was quite nice. 10/10

Music/SFX - I enjoyed the music in this title very much. It worked very well to set the mood of each scene. It is all simple instrumental likely synthesized but the music is well chosen for the scenes and has enough variety you don't get sick of it by the end. The transitions were a bit abrupt but nothing unreasonable. The SFX were well integrated to the story and not over used. 9/10

Story - The story was deep but not overly-complicated. It starts very simple and builds up to an exciting climax. Even though it gets a bit technical at the end I never felt overwhelmed by the fantasy/SF concepts. The story is focused on character-interaction and the characters are all very well developed. The story is very easy to follow and has a satisfying conclusion. 10/10

System/Extras - This is an ONscripter release. It has all the typical functions of a visual novel. (save, load, log mode, hide text) It runs with out a glitch. The extra menu is a CG menu where you can choose an event graphic to view and cycle through its variations. There is no music/jukebox menu. 4/5

Overall - I definitely recommend this visual novel. It is one of the best I have played. Very entertaining, suspenseful and a bit humorous. ^^

Score - 33/35 - 94% - exceptional


kyouray said...

Pretty review ^^
I have just finished Red shit and I enjoyed it like you ;)
graphic, musics and story are great :)
It was the first visual novel I've ever finished. I will try others by reading yours reviews ^^
Now I am trying Fate/stay night ;)

Anonymous said...

Hoho. Red Shit you say?

wuhugm said...

This is indeed a good one

Sketchy 12 said...

My friend has been nagging me to tears with this game! xD so hell i'll give it a try!
i haven't play a graphic novel in a loooong time so this may cause my comeback xD i hope it does! graphic novels used to entertain me quite a lot ^^
i'm trusting your review!
and if i start playing again... i think i'll keep consulting your blog! xD

Jyuichi said...

I hope you all like this game as much as I did :)

Neku Sakuraba said...

Red Shit???

4 Days People.

Anonymous said...

:D I just played it.. and it captured my heart but When They Cry Series may not be as buetifully graphic as that it's still an awesome series... :) Red Shift makes me play more Visual novels more than ever

Cho said...

just downloaded it today and i hope i'll enjoy this VN as much as you did. thanks for the review~